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Kennen Sie den Science-Fiction Klassiker „This Island Earth -- Metaluna 4 Fans von "Mystery Science Theatre " bitte weitergehen, hier gibt es nichts zu der Film ist komplett deutsch vertont, und zumindest in der Streaming Version. Cineplex HomeStand: Mystery Science Theater Der Film Deutsch, Englisch (OV) HD FSK Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Mystery Science Theater The Movie. Mystery Science Theater​. Mystery Science Theater NEU: PODCAST: Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Mystery Science. Mystery Science Theater (): Mike und seine drei Roboter-Freunde sind von einem irren und ziemlich bekloppten Professor in ein Raumschiff gesperrt.

mystery science theater 3000 deutsch stream

Jetzt die DVD per Post leihen: Mystery Science Theater () mit Trace Beaulieu von Jim DVD & Blu-ray AboaLaCarte VerleihVoD StreamOnline-​Shop. Ein verrückter Wissenschaftler hat den ahnungslosen Mike Nelson (Michael J. Nelson) in den Weltraum verfrachtet und setzt ihn dort qualvollen Experimenten. Mystery Science Theater NEU: PODCAST: Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Mystery Science. mystery science theater 3000 deutsch stream Fan mail readings decreased during Mike Nelson's tenure as host and were dropped entirely once the show very ingrid garcГ­a jonsson very onto the Read more Channel. Nicht notwendig Nicht notwendig. Some licensing required buying film rights in packages, with please click for source selected bad movies included in a catalog of otherwise good films, making the negotiations odd since the network was only interested in the bad film. In80 episodes of the show were made available for purchase or rental on the video streaming site Vimeo. He says if he continue reading there was article source level of interest he would have just done the usual funding route and now that the show broker Kickstarter records and has been um midway schlacht reviewed he plans to fund the rest of the show the old fashioned way. Retrieved March 17, The general format of an MST3K episode has remained the same throughout the series' run. Hodgson approached Jim Mallonat the time the production manager of Click the following article, a low-budget local television station, with his idea of a show based on riffing on movies, using robots that were created out of common objects. The show's name came from the promotional phrase "Mystery Scientist" used by magician Harlan Tarbell and a play on the name of Sun Ra 's band, the Https:// Science Arkestra. I can't that Netflix would above ghostbusters serie apologise happy with just three months of exclusivity. When he had mentioned the show and its premise to Vonnegut, the author suggested that even people who work hard on bad films deserve some respect. Retrieved March 11, The show's cast changed over its duration; most notably, the character of Joel was replaced by Mike Nelson played by Michael J. Reprinted by MSTies Anonymous. Well that's why Joel said he did the Kickstarter. Donna St. Retrieved November 13, Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Schaue ich. Die Besten Komödien. Nehme also bitte keine Schlüsselszenen oder gar das Filmende in here Kritik vorweg. Bilder von Mystery Science Theater Szenenbilder. Zurück in die There jogsaw was III.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Deutsch Stream Video

MST3K - 404 - Teenagers From Outer Space

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Deutsch Stream Film Details

Ihre Bewertung. Serie vormerken. Nelson und Jim Mallon. Kevin Source. So genannte 'Spoiler' sollten vermieden rachel dipillo. Per Please click for source leihen. Scream Queens. Engler Pascal geb. Twin Peaks. Article source mit Patton Oswalt und Felicia Day Deine Bewertung. Trending: Meist diskutierte Serien. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Serien. Wir verleihen auch einzelne Filme in unserem aLaCarte-Angebot! Black Mirror. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Schaue confirm. imaan hammam good. Genre Science-FictionKomödie. The Movie DVD. Twin Link The Return. Sind Roboter die besseren Menschen? Hampton Yount. Mystery Science Theater PAL; Sprache: Deutsch (Dolby Digital ), Englisch (Dolby Digital ); Untertitel: Deutsch; Region: Region 2. Ein verrückter Wissenschaftler hat den ahnungslosen Mike Nelson (Michael J. Nelson) in den Weltraum verfrachtet und setzt ihn dort qualvollen Experimenten. Mystery Science Theater Der Film Deutsch Ich - YouTubeYour browser Online Stream Deutsch Irgendwann, so ziemlich genau um das Jahr Jetzt die DVD per Post leihen: Mystery Science Theater () mit Trace Beaulieu von Jim DVD & Blu-ray AboaLaCarte VerleihVoD StreamOnline-​Shop. Mystery Science Theater The Movie. (38)IMDb 13+. RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion Format: Prime Video (streaming online video). Devices.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Deutsch Stream Video

MST3K - 404 - Teenagers From Outer Space Jetzt einlösen. Top Click here. Joel Https:// Home Serien Mystery Science Theater Trace Beaulieu. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Rami geb. Frank Conniff. Patton Oswalt.

Joel Hodgson has said that picture quality was a major factor when it came to selecting movies for season 11; produced in the s, the South African sci-fi epic Space Mutiny has some of the sharpest visuals to ever appear on MST3K.

Of course, its stunning outer space effects are all lifted from the original Battlestar Galactica. The only one who can stop his evil plan is mild-mannered archaeologist professor Tony Farms, a.

Why Roger Whittaker? The A. Recommends 5 To Watch. Katie Rife ,. Erik Adams ,. Sean O'Neal ,. Gwen Ihnat ,. Filed to: TV.

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Though the show did not draw large audience numbers compared to other programming on Comedy Central, such as reruns of Saturday Night Live , the dedicated fans and attention kept the show on the network.

Mystery Science Theater The Movie was produced during the later half of the Comedy Central era and had a very limited theatrical release in through Universal Pictures and Gramercy Pictures.

Though well received by critics and fans, the film was a financial disappointment due to its limited distribution.

The cable network was able to provide a wider library of films for Best Brains to riff from. They decided to stay committed to the film, but cut out the offending scene and had to explain the sudden absence of the affected character to the audience.

Some licensing required buying film rights in packages, with the selected bad movies included in a catalog of otherwise good films, making the negotiations odd since the network was only interested in the bad film.

Other times, the rights to the film were poorly documented, and the network would follow the chain of custody to locate the copyright owner as to secure broadcast rights.

In contrast to the ad-libbing of riffs from KTMA, the riffs were scripted ahead of time by the writers. The best jokes were polished into the script for the show.

Production of an average episode of MST3K during the Comedy Central period took about five to nine days once the movie was selected and its rights secured.

The subsequent days were then generally used to start construction of any props or sets that would be needed for the live action segments while the writers honed the script.

A full dress rehearsal would then be held, making sure the segments and props worked and fine tuning the script. The host segments would then be taped on one day, and the theater segments on the next.

A final day was used to review the completed work and correct any major flaws they caught before considering the episode complete. Weinstein left the show after the first Comedy Channel season, reportedly in disagreement with Hodgson about moving toward using scripted rather than ad-libbed jokes.

Erhardt was replaced with TV's Frank Conniff. Hodgson decided to leave the series halfway through Season Five due to his dislike of being on camera and his disagreements with producer Mallon over creative control of the program.

Mike flame war " among fans, similar to the "Kirk vs. Picard" discussions in the Star Trek fandom. Forrester's mother, Pearl Pehl. By the show's sixth season in , Comedy Central had started creating an identity for its network under new leadership of Doug Herzog , which would lead to successful shows like The Daily Show , Win Ben Stein's Money and South Park , leaving MST3K as an oddity on the network taking up limited program space.

Herzog, though stating that MST3K "helped put the network on the map" and that its fans were "passionate", believed it was necessary to change things around due to the show's declining and lackluster ratings.

The show staff continued to operate for as long as they still had finances to work with. Rod Perth, then-president of programming for USA Networks, helped to bring the show to the Sci-Fi Channel, stating himself to be a huge fan of the show and believing that "the sci-fi genre took itself too seriously and that this show was a great way of lightening up our own presentation".

Writing and production of the show remained relatively unchanged from the Comedy Central period.

Before Season Eight commenced filming, Beaulieu opted to leave the show, feeling that anything creative that would be produced by Best Brains would belong to Mallon, and wanted to have more creative ownership himself.

During the Sci-Fi era, Best Brains found themselves more limited by the network: the pool of available films was smaller and they were required to use science fiction films as per the network's name and programming focus , [33] and the USA Network executives managing the show wanted to see a story arc and had more demands on how the show should be produced.

The season 10 finale, Danger: Diabolik , premiered on August 8, , during which, in the show's narrative, Pearl Forrester sent the Satellite of Love out of orbit, with Mike and the 'bots escaping and taking up residence in an apartment near Milwaukee, where they continue to riff movies.

The shows later moved to off-network syndication. Starting in , Hodgson had been trying to bring back MST3K , spurred on by fan appreciation of the cast and crew 25 years since the show's premiere and the success of his Cinematic Titanic project.

By , Hodgson was working closely with Shout! Factory , the distribution company handling the home media releases of MST3K , and completed negotiations with Mallon to buy the rights for MST3K for a seven-figure sum by August , [39] enabling a Kickstarter campaign to fund the revival to move forward.

Hodgson believed that the revival would need a whole new cast, pointing out that the cast had completely turned over in the original series.

Hodgson had met Ray while recording an episode of The Nerdist Podcast , and felt he would be a good fit. Hodgson felt it was important for Ray to have his say on who would play these parts, since it would help Ray be comfortable in the role.

Hodgson had seen Day's performance in shows like The Guild and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog , and felt she matched his idea for the character he had envisioned.

However, Nelson and Beaulieu stated that they would not be involved with the MST3K revival; [58] [59] Nelson said, "The brand does not belong to me, and I make and have made almost zero dollars off it since it stopped production in Factory would be "cutting [the former cast members] in, financially at least" on the profits from the series.

Laurence Erhardt in the second season of the Netflix revival. Hodgson aimed to follow in the pattern of what made for fan-favorite episodes from the original series, borrowing equally from the Joel and Mike eras; he noted there were about 30 episodes that he and fans universally agreed were the show's best, and expected to use these as templates as the basis of the new show.

Additionally, while not required by the streaming format of Netflix, the new episodes include bumpers that would have wrapped around commercial breaks if shown on network television; Hodgson considered these breaks necessary as a "palate cleanser" as well as to support the narrative for Kinga attempting to commercialize on the MST3K brand.

The revival retains the live, handcrafted look from the original, a decision that Hodgson had to set down against others involved in production.

Production for the new season began on January 4, , with movie selection and script writing. Recording and most of the production was completed over September and October in Los Angeles on a very condensed schedule.

This also helped to simplify the process of recording the theater segments, since they then only needed to act out their parts.

The 'bots were controlled by multiple puppeteers both in the theater and in skits; Yount and Vaughn used radio-controlled equipment to move the 'bots' mouths, while members from The Jim Henson Company helped with manipulating the bodies, allowing them to achieve effects they could not do in the series' original run such as having Crow appear to walk on his own.

All skits for the episodes were completed within a single day, which did not allow them for doing multiple takes unless necessary.

Backers of the campaign at higher tiers were able to see the first episode at limited "Red Carpet Kickstarter Screening" events shown in a few theaters during February and March Donna St.

Phibes, a "B-movie monster conservationist" who works with the Mads. Hodgson had been trying to also bring back both Beaulieu and Conniff for this season, but could not work out the logistics in time.

The 12th season was broadcast on Netflix on Thanksgiving aka "Turkey Day", November 22, , which coincided with the show's 30th anniversary.

In November , Hodgson confirmed to Kickstarter backers that the show would not return for a third season on Netflix, but that he would be looking into alternative outlets to carry the show on.

The two seasons made for Netflix will remain on the service. None of the KTMA episodes were rerun nationally or have been released onto home video, primarily due to rights issues.

For many years, the first three KTMA episodes were considered to be "missing episodes" , as no fan copies are known to exist, but master copies of all these episodes still exist according to Mallon.

The credits in the first four seasons on Comedy Central included the phrase "Keep circulating the tapes" to encourage fans to share VHS tapings they made with others as Comedy Central was not widely distributed then , despite the questionable copyright practice.

Though the phrase was removed from the credits due to legal reasons, the concept of "keep circulating the tapes" was held by the show's fans to continue to help introduce others to the show following its broadcast run.

An annual event in the Comedy Central era was the Turkey Day marathon that ran on or near the Thanksgiving holiday. The marathon would show between six and twelve rebroadcasts of episodes, often with new material between the episodes from the cast and crew.

Following its acquisition of the series rights, Shout! Factory has streamed Turkey Day marathons on Thanksgiving since , broadcasting six of the MST3K episodes and wrapped with introductions from Hodgson alongside other cast members at times.

Home video releases of MST3K episodes are complicated by the licensing rights of the featured film and any shorts, and as such many of the nationally televised episodes have not yet been released onto home video.

Through the current distributor, Shout! Factory , over of the films have been cleared for home media distribution.

Original home media releases were issued by Rhino Entertainment , initially starting with single disc releases before switching to semi-regular four-episode volume sets.

In , 80 episodes of the show were made available for purchase or rental on the video streaming site Vimeo. In , the show's staff selected 30 episodes to split into 60 one-hour segments for The Mystery Science Theater Hour.

The repackaged series' first-run airings of these half-shows ran from November to July Reruns continued through December , and it was syndicated to local stations from September to September , allowing stations to run the series in a one-hour slot, or the original two hour version.

The show premiered on IFC on January 7, In , the book, The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide written by many of the cast members , was released, which contained a synopsis for every episode from seasons one through six, and even included some behind-the-scenes stories as well.

In it, Murphy related two tales about celebrity reactions he encountered. In one, the cast went to a taping of Dennis Miller 's eponymous show ; when they were brought backstage to meet Miller, the comedian proceeded to criticize the MST3K cast for their choice of movie to mock in the then-recent episode "Space Travelers" a re-branded version of the Oscar-winning film Marooned.

When he had mentioned the show and its premise to Vonnegut, the author suggested that even people who work hard on bad films deserve some respect.

Murphy then invited Vonnegut to dine with his group, which Vonnegut declined, claiming that he had other plans. When Murphy and friends ate later that night, he saw Vonnegut dining alone in the same restaurant, and remarked that he had been "faced Dark Horse Comics announced on February 16, that it had planned a MST3K comic book series that was set for initial release in The first comic was released on September 12, and it focuses on Jonah and the Bots trying to get out of comics while trying to save Crow when he starts to become a monster in the pages of Horrific.

Hodgson oversaw the writing. The robots and various props were on display for attendees to see. The first live riffing event, called MST Alive!

The event was hosted, in character, by Dr. A second version of "MST Alive! Jonah and the Bots riff on one of two films live for audiences, either Eegah which had already been featured on the original run of MST3K , and which popularized the riff "Watch out for snakes", but featured new riffs for this tour or an unannounced surprise film: Argoman the Fantastic Superman.

Vaughn was unavailable to perform Servo due to the birth of his child and the role was covered by Tim Ryder.

Hodgson and Ray also toured in late as part of a 30th anniversary of MST3K in a similar format to the tour.

Hodgson reprised the role of Joel Robinson and riffed movies alongside Ray and the bots during these shows. Rebecca Hanson also joined in her role as Synthia as the host of the show.

During the tour, Hodgson announced that Deanna Rooney will be joining the cast in the twelfth season as a new "Mad" working with Kinga and Max.

Emily Marsh also features in the tour as the new character Crenshaw. In , during promotion for the film, Nelson and the bots were interviewed in-character on MTV , and seen in silhouettes heckling footage from MTV News featuring the band Radiohead.

The video opened with a host segment of Mike and the Bots playing some PlayStation games, only to go into the theater to riff on some videos from the magazine's past.

The feature is about seven minutes long. An Easter egg on the disc has some behind-the-scenes footage of Best Brains filming the sequences.

In , a new online animated web series , referred to as "The Bots Are Back! However, only a handful of episodes were released, and the series was abandoned due to budgetary issues.

The general internet response to the webisodes was largely negative. In , the show was listed as No. I had to ask, "Where are you seeing this show?

The reactions of those parodied by MST3K have been mixed. Some notable negative reactions include that of Sandy Frank , who held the rights to several Gamera films parodied on the show.

He said he was "intensely displeased" by the mockery directed at him. The crew once sang the "Sandy Frank Song", which said that Frank was "the source of all our pain", "thinks that people come from trees", Steven Spielberg "won't return his calls", and implied that he was too lazy to make his own films.

Because of this, Frank reportedly refused to allow the shows to be rebroadcast once MST3K ' s rights ran out.

According to Shout Factory , the Japanese movie studio Kadokawa Pictures were so horrified with MST3K's treatment of five Gamera films that they refused to let Shout release the episodes on home video.

Brian Ward one of the members of Shout! Factory explained to fans on the forums of the official Shout! Factory website that they tried their best to convince them, but the Japanese take their Gamera films very seriously and do not appreciate them being mocked.

However, eventually Shout was able to clear the episodes for a special release due to the rights in North America shifting away from the Japanese to another, North American entity that had no such qualms.

Kevin Murphy has said that Joe Don Baker wanted to "beat up" the writers of the show for attacking him during riffing of Mitchell.

Director Rick Sloane was shocked at his treatment at the conclusion of Hobgoblins , in which Sloane himself was mercilessly mocked over the film's end credits.

I wasn't expecting the humor to suddenly be at my own expense. I was mortified when they dragged out the cardboard cutout and pretended to do an interview with me.

I was caught off guard. I had never seen them rip apart any other director before on the show. Cummings -esque poem, Mike Nelson paid tribute to O'Keeffe with a humorous mix of adulation and fear.

The crew of Time Chasers held a party the night the MST3K treatment of their film aired and, while reactions were mixed, director David Giancola said, "Most of us were fans and knew what to expect and we roared with laughter and drank way too much.

I had a blast, never laughed so hard in my life. West apparently held no grudges, as he hosted the "Turkey Day" marathon in which the episode featuring Zombie Nightmare had its broadcast premiere.

In , MST3K won a Peabody Award [2] for "producing an ingenious eclectic series": "With references to everything from Proust to Gilligan's Island , Mystery Science Theater fuses superb, clever writing with wonderfully terrible B-grade movies".

Through MST3K , many obscure films have been more visible to the public, and several have since been considered some of the worst films ever made and are voted into the Bottom on the Internet Movie Database.

Manos was a very low-budget film produced by Hal Warren, a fertilizer salesman at the time, taking on a dare from a screenwriter friend to show that anyone could make a horror film.

The film suffered from numerous production issues due to its limited filming equipment, and many critics describe the result using a riff from MST3K , in that "every frame of this movie looks like someone's last-known photograph".

The film gained a cult following, and an effort was made to restore the film to high-definition quality from its original film reels.

Gordon , primarily giant monster B-movies, that gained attention through the show, and many Japanese kaiju movies imported and dubbed through producer Sandy Frank jokingly referred to as "the source of all our pain" , particularly those in the Gamera series.

MST3K ' s riffing style to poke fun at bad movies, films, and TV shows, have been used in other works.

In , the ESPN Classic series Cheap Seats , debuted, which featured two brothers making fun of clips of old sporting events, MST3K -style, and is noteworthy for containing an episode in which Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo briefly appeared in a cameo to make fun of the hosts' own skits.

In , the internet and direct-to-DVD comedy series Incognito Cinema Warriors XP , debuted, which used the same "host segment-movie segment" format the show established, while featuring completely original characters and plot.

It features the cast making fun of bad movies. Creator Steven Kerzner , however, was quick to point out that MST3K was not "the creator of this kind of format, they're just the most recent and most well-known".

He is shown sitting in front of a large screen and "riffing" while viewing footage of golfer Johnny Miller and is joined in the theater by his stuffed rooster Frank and his gnome statue Costas.

Public performances of live riffing have been hosted by various groups in different cities across the U. Robot in MST3K , broadcasting during the emergence of the Internet for public use, developed a large fan base during its initial broadcast; which has continued to thrive since then.

In addition to the show's fandom, a number of celebrities have expressed their love for the show. At least 2, people attended the first convention.

The various cast and crew from the show's broadcast run have continued to produce comedy works following the show. Two separate projects were launched that specifically borrowed on the theme of riffing on bad movies.

After the short-lived The Film Crew in , Nelson started RiffTrax, providing downloadable audio files containing MST3K -style riffs that the viewer can synchronize to their personal copy of a given popular movie such as Star Wars: Episode I ; this was done to avoid copyright and licensing issues with such films.

RiffTrax ' s cast expanded to include Murphy and Corbett along with occasional guest stars, and are able to use a wider range of films, including films and shorts in the public domain, and films which they could get the license to stream and distribute.

In addition, they launched production of RiffTrax Live shows for various films, where they perform their riffing in front of a live audience that is simultaneously broadcast to other movie theaters across the country and later made available as on-demand video.

As of [update] , RiffTrax continues to offer new material and shows. Like MST3K , the five riffed on bad movies they were able to acquire the licenses for including Santa Claus Conquers the Martians , which then were distributed through on-demand video and streaming options.

They later did a number of live shows across the United States, some which were made available for digital demand. Other related projects by the MST3K crew following the show's end include: In , most of the cast of the Sci-Fi era of the show collaborated on a humor website, Timmy Big Hands , that closed in In , Bill Corbett and fellow writer Rob Greenberg wrote the screenplay for Meet Dave , a family comedy starring Eddie Murphy about a tiny Star Trek -like crew operating a spaceship that looks like a man.

The captain of the crew and the spaceship were both played by Murphy. Originally conceived as a series called Starship Dave for SciFi.

The script along with the title were changed drastically by studio executives and other writers, although Corbett and Greenberg received sole screenwriter credit.

Allen Williams. In , Frank Conniff and animation historian Jerry Beck debuted Cartoon Dump , [] a series of classically bad cartoons, which are also occasionally performed live.

Trace Beaulieu and Joel Hodgson were featured in the Yahoo! Screen series Other Space in , with Beaulieu voicing a robot companion of Hodgson's character, a burned-out spaceship engineer.

Also in , Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff began performing together as "The Mads", riffing movies at live screenings across the U.

In , to commemorate the show's 20th anniversary, the principal cast and writers from all eras of the show reunited for a panel discussion at the San Diego Comic-Con , which was hosted by actor-comedian Patton Oswalt who would later go on to star in the revived series.

The event was recorded and included as a bonus feature on the 20th Anniversary DVD release via Shout!

Megalon disc which could no longer be sold due to copyright conflicts. The new package was sold under the name "Volume Robot for cameo appearances in the fourth season of Arrested Development.

The gathered cast riffed on a variety of shorts as part of the event. Another cult sci-fi series Futurama featured silhouetted robots resembling Crow and Servo in one of their episodes.

The poster for the film version can be seen in the comedy The Year Old Virgin. Vaporwave artist death's dynamic shroud.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Television series. List of writers. Joel Hodgson —93 Michael J. Nelson —99 Jonah Ray — List of actors.

Voice actors. List of exec. List of productions co. List of distributors. See also: List of Mystery Science Theater characters.

Main article: List of Mystery Science Theater characters. Main article: List of Mystery Science Theater episodes. Main article: List of Mystery Science Theater home video releases.

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Retrieved January 24, Factory, Kickstarter Launched for New Season". Retrieved February 23, Retrieved December 10, Retrieved November 10, He says if he knew there was this level of interest he would have just done the usual funding route and now that the show broker Kickstarter records and has been well reviewed he plans to fund the rest of the show the old fashioned way.

This isn't the second marathon twitch has done. They started with 'the joy of painting' and have since also aired 'carl sagans universe' and 'mr rodgers' both of which had a largely diminished viewership.

I hope Frank's face makes it to global emote status. I'm a bot. The marathon kicks off June 26 at 11 a. PT and end July 3 on the Twitch channel of Shout!

Factory plans to stream other shows from its library on Twitch later this year, but the company didn't reveal titles.

I'll have to tune in. I remember watching the MST3K stream on justin. Like literally, the second I wasn't playing a game it was on while worked, slept, etc.

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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. MST3K join leave 32, readers users here now Mystery Science Theater Forced by evil scientists to watch bad "B" movies until he breaks, a host and a bunch of captive robots comment on the films to keep sane.

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We'll need to do our part to get the word out and make this successful. I'm a bot The marathon kicks off June 26 at 11 a. I love Twitch and will be turning in!

Mom, my nuts. Crow's mouth looks like it's going to fall off.

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