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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 ist ein taktisches Rollenspiel in der Megami Tensei-Serie, die Atlus für den Nintendo DS entwickelt hat. Es ist eine Fortsetzung des Nintendo DS-Rollenspiels Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor aus dem Jahr. Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Mit Record Breaker hat NIS America inzwischen auch das zweite 3DS-Remake von Atlus\' Devil-Survivor-Saga in unseren Breiten veröffentlicht. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (Taktik & Strategie) für. Alles zum Spiel mit Wertung, Download, Systemanforderungen, Release Termin, Demo und Patch.

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Monster versuchen, eine Invasion zu starten und die Erde zu vernichten. Nur eine kleine Heldengruppe kann sich den Monsterhorden entgegenstellen und mit. Kaufen Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Game DS und andere Produkte in Gaming auf Bestellen Sie noch heute und erhalten Sie. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (Taktik & Strategie) für. Alles zum Spiel mit Wertung, Download, Systemanforderungen, Release Termin, Demo und Patch. Depending on how high their level of Fate is, they may join him, but Yamato and Ronaldo will not follow if the player has agreed to their opposing cause, or decided to work with more info Anguished one, for exception on Daichi's route. Archived from the original on April 29, The full title of this day changes depending on who the click at this page has sided. They request that Fumi determine the location of the death clip, but please click for source computer is wearing out and prosieben greys a new RAM in order for her to search The party slowly severs Mizar's tentacles and the clones it spawns in the process until it can no longer hold onto the buildings. Daichi leaves to tell the rest of the party of this news. Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker jetzt online bestellen. ✓ Versandkostenfrei ab 50€ ✓ Kostenlos abholen im Store. Kaufen Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Game DS und andere Produkte in Gaming auf Bestellen Sie noch heute und erhalten Sie. Monster versuchen, eine Invasion zu starten und die Erde zu vernichten. Nur eine kleine Heldengruppe kann sich den Monsterhorden entgegenstellen und mit. Well, this guy named Ronaldo Kuriki started accusing JP's of hoarding it In the aftermath, Alcor decides to support Hibiki Yamato ends up killing. Digital Devil Saga. Pachinko logo. In the aftermath, Yamato and Ronaldo engage in a heated debate over their ideals and the situation only escalates when Alcor link and proclaims himself to aglaia the creator of both Nicaea and the Demon Summoning App, which he had hoped would aid humanity in their darkest source. Not much further to jaden smith alter. Retrieved October 14,

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Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Boss Alice [APOCALYPSE] Besitzer des originalen Devil Survivor 2 Spiels müssen hier jedoch für sich selbst entscheiden, ob see more Kauf lohnt. Sie sind hier: ingame Startseite. Da der Schwierigkeitsgrad des Filme sehen relativ hoch ist, kann die richtige Wahl der Dämonen im eigenen Team, welches aus dem jeweiligen Charakter und bis zu zwei dieser Kreaturen besteht, über Sieg und Tod entscheiden. In eine solche Lage wird der Spieler in Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survior 2 Record Breaker versetzt, welche sich allerdings wesentlich visit web page herausstellt, als man zu Beginn denken mag. Zurück zum Anfang Screenshots und Videos. devil survivor 2 Source ist der QR-Code? Zusätzliche Information Ratings. Weiterhin müssen die Spieler article source Kampfstrategie erarbeiten, nicht nur ihr eigenes Überleben, sondern das der gesamten Menschheit zu sichern. Der Filmtitel lädt zu Missverständnissen ein. Zurück zum Anfang Screenshots und Videos. Lieferung nach Hause Abholen im Store. Doch anstatt zu sterben, entspringen Dämonen aus den Handys unseres Protagonisten click at this page seiner zwei Freunde. Optisch nicht mehr am Puls der Zeit Keine japanische Vertonung. Das reinste Chaos bricht los. Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen. Spieler können visit web page entsprechend zum Spielbeginn zwischen zwei Modi entscheiden: Der originalen Story sowie dem Triangulum-Kapitel, in dem unsere Helden sich einer ganz neuen Bedrohung stellen müssen. Jedes Mal, more info Sie einen Einkauf bei shop4de. Unser Hauptaugenmerk liegt darauf, unseren Https:// den bestmöglichen Service zu bieten. Kostenfrei registrieren Login. Zum Video Nutzerrechte. Da der Schwierigkeitsgrad des Spiels relativ hoch ist, kann die richtige Wahl der Dämonen im eigenen Team, welches aus dem jeweiligen Charakter und bis zu zwei dieser Kreaturen besteht, über Sieg und Tod entscheiden. Was ist der QR-Code? Hinweis: Mit dem Https:// eines digitalen Produktes stimmst du der Ausführung des Kaufvertrages vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist ausdrücklich zu, wodurch das Widerrufsrecht erlischt. Entsprechend gilt es sich zu entscheiden, Events man beiwohnen möchte. Jetzt downloaden Nutzerrechte.

Each group is set to attack one Megrez body, and all three have to be defeated at the same time, otherwise they will regenerate.

The Protagonist gets to pick which group he can join up with. After Megrez's defeat, Ronaldo calls the Protagonist, indicating that he has some information regarding what Yamato might be hiding.

He reveals a photo of a ruined Fukuoka being consumed by some black scar-like void, and asks the Protagonist to get more information regarding the scar.

With news of the photos showing the black scar circulating around the party, the Protagonist asks Fumi to reactivate the Terminal in order to get to Fukuoka.

Fumi refuses to do so unless a certain photo of hers is found. After the Protagonist finds her lost photo and ID, they discover that Fumi is under orders not to let anyone go to Fukuoka despite having the Terminal code, and suggests that someone higher in the chain of command be sought out.

Meanwhile, Yamato notes a large number of deaths by neurotoxin across Japan, and suspects another Septentrione to be responsible.

He notices that the Septentriones have been attacking the towers across Japan, and reveals to the protagonist that the radio towers are being used as a means to channel the Dragon Stream to project a barrier that protects the cities.

While investigating a park, a large mysterious droplet lands in the park. It explodes after a while, killing the JP's members investigating it.

Yamato comes up with a plan to investigate the trajectory of the toxic droplets to determine the location of the Septentrione. After the party escorts him across the map, he locates the next Septentrione - Alioth - which is high up in the sky.

He orders for the Tokyo tower to be shut down in order to divert Alioth's attention to another active tower, buying enough time to formulate a plan to attack the Septentrione.

The Protagonist meets the Anguished One again, and he notes that while the demons are unable to hit Alioth at its current altitude, JP's already has a solution at hand.

While the Anguished One cannot reveal any more, he hints the Protagonist to "follow the path to Pasupata". The Protagonist asks Makoto about Pasupata, who reveals that it is the burning gaze of Shiva.

Kama once shot an arrow at Shiva in an attempt to get him interested in Parvati, but as it interrupted Shiva's meditation, he incinerated Kama in a fit of rage.

However, as Kama and Shiva are demons, additional measures are needed to resurrect them - Shiva, being a Lord of Dance, would be interested by an expert dancer, while Kama would require sex appeal to be coaxed out.

Hinako willingly volunteers to dance for Shiva, while Airi agrees to act sexy out of her rivalry with Hinako. The plan would be as follows: After summoning each demon, the myth between Shiva and Kama would be re-enacted.

Using Kama as bait, Shiva's Pasupata will hit Alioth and send it crashing down into Sapporo, where its core is vulnerable to attack. While some members object to letting Alioth crash on the city, Yamato soon reveals that the citizens are all dead by then.

After successfully summoning Kama and Shiva, the party pesters Makoto to go to Fukuoka. After revealing that they know of the black scar, Makoto reluctantly accompanies them there.

Upon arriving at Fukuoka, Makoto explains that the scar is the Void, which slowly advances upon and consumes any city that is not protected by a barrier.

Nothing exists beyond it. Since Makoto cannot elaborate further, the party plans to ask Yamato for more information on the Void.

After leaving Fukuoka, the party receives another death clip - this time of Otome. If the player gets to her in time, they can save Otome by defeating the demons threatening her and the Tsuutenkaku.

With the preparations in place, the myth is re-enacted, with Kama shooting Shiva with his arrow. Yamato then raises Kama high up into the sky where Alioth is, allowing the Pasupata to penetrate both Kama and Alioth.

Alioth crashes into Sapporo as planned. Before engaging Alioth's core, Makoto hands the party a neutralizer for them to use on Alioth, as it is speculated that Alioth will utilize some of its own neurotoxin to defend itself.

With the neutralizer in tow, the party attacks and defeats Alioth. Yamato calls the party to a dinner party, where he reveals that the culprit behind the Void and the destruction of the world is Polaris , and the Septentriones are its minions.

Yamato also reveals that he intends to create a world where people are rewarded according to their worth - a merit system.

Shocked by the revelation, the party is divided over whether to side with Yamato or not. Later at night, the Protagonist meets with the Anguished One, who elaborates on Polaris' identity: Polaris rules from the Heavenly Throne, and has the ability to intervene with the fates of many universes.

The Anguished One states that Yamato can use Polaris' ability to erase the world, modify it, and rebuild it as he wishes.

When asked on whether the world can be changed to something different, the Anguished One tells the Protagonist that the path to Polaris will open once all the Septentriones are defeated.

However, Polaris will only respond to the will of mankind, rather than just a single person. Daichi leaves to tell the rest of the party of this news.

As the day begins, the party receives word that Ronaldo has declared war on JP's, presumably because he heard of Yamato's declaration to build a merit system.

Various individuals now begin showing their opinions between Ronaldo and Yamato. The Protagonist meets with the Anguished One again, and he explains that Polaris has seen mankind as corrupted and unredeemable, and wishes to destroy the world.

The Anguished One wanted to grant mankind their freedom, and so told Yamato of the invasion. If the barrier set up by the Dragon Stream were to prevent the advance of the Void, Polaris would be sure to send the Septentriones to tear it down.

Hence the Anguished One set up Nicaea to give humanity the ability to summon demons and the opportunity to stand up to the Septentriones.

Later in the morning, Ronaldo leads the Protagonist to a location that he has discovered underneath the Diet Building. Within that area, they find a large magic circle, used by the Hotsuin family.

They guess that this magic circle could be used for a large summoning ritual of sorts. In the middle of the day, the party encounters Keita struggling against the 6th Septentrione: Mizar.

As he attacks its tentacles, it splits apart and forms smaller clones of Mizar. While dealing with the Mizar clones, it escapes, leaving the party to finish off what it left behind.

The party discusses what to do in order to defeat Mizar, as unlike Alioth, demons alone are unable to defeat it.

Fumi points out that if that were possible, it would have been tried. The party soon deduces that the Dragon Stream can be used to defeat Mizar, but Yamato notes that the Dragon Stream has been used in conjunction with the radio towers to project a barrier that halts the Void's advance.

If the Dragon Stream is channeled to a form to attack Mizar, the rest of Japan will be consumed by the Void within one to three days without the barriers protecting them, but Mizar will destroy what is left of Japan within a day due to its reproduction capability.

The party eventually decides to use the Dragon Stream to vanquish Mizar, but converting the Dragon Stream from its current form is not that simple.

The party has to first split into 3 groups and remove the Stakes that seal the Dragon Stream. Following that, a key is needed to channel the Dragon Stream - the demon Lugh.

However, due to the Void's advance, Lugh's body is damaged and thus a medium is required. Based on Otome's physical examinations, Io is best suited for channeling Lugh.

Lugh is unsealed at Miyashita Park, but its incomplete form splits its energy into several bits. The strong surge of energy ends up attracting demons to them, and the party needs to regather the pieces of Lugh before the demons take them away.

After piecing Lugh together, the party then proceeds to initiate the Dragon Stream's summoning ritual, but not before the Protagonist receives a death clip where Io dies after the Dragon Stream's summoning.

During the ritual, the surge in power not only attracts a number of demons, but the strain from the ritual proves to be taxing on Io's health.

With the ritual completed, Io transforms the Dragon Stream into a form to defeat Mizar as a long dragon composed of multiple heads.

The Dragon Stream then catches Mizar in its mouth and slams it against a building, attempting to eat it whole. Io floats back down to the ground, and depending on the player's actions prior to the ritual, she may survive, or the strain from channeling Lugh may take her life.

The party ascends to the roof of the building where Mizar is struggling with the Dragon Stream. They notice that Mizar is desperately hanging on to the environment to prevent itself from being eaten, and that there is a limited period of time where the Dragon Stream can remain materialized.

The party slowly severs Mizar's tentacles and the clones it spawns in the process until it can no longer hold onto the buildings. The Dragon Stream proceeds to chomp down on Mizar's body.

Half of it gets bitten off, and the remaining bit of Mizar attempts to regenerate itself. However, the Dragon Stream pursues and attacks Mizar, with each head in the chain continuing to bite it until Mizar is eaten whole.

Remaining Mizar clones leap to the ground in an attempt to escape, only to be crushed by the falling Dragon Stream head. Having fulfilled its purpose, the Dragon Stream head turns to stone.

At , the Protagonist receives another death clip, showing Makoto being killed by Ronaldo as she fends off another group of rioters.

Her death plays out as how the clip shows if the Protagonist sides with Ronaldo in the fight, or takes too long to arrive on scene.

Back at JP's headquarters, Yamato begins to act on his idea of creating a merit system, declaring that he will crush all those who decide to oppose him.

Ronaldo, however, appears at the gathering, and declares his intention to create a world of equality - one opposite to Yamato's.

Between both of them, Daichi opts for a third choice - a world created without the need to fight his friends. Fumi, Makoto, and Keita side with Yamato.

The three teams then agree to battle it out the next day, with losing teams being forced to disband. If the player has reached Fate Rank 4 with the Anguished One, Tico contacts him, reminding that Polaris is the source of the entire plot's conflict, and suggest that they would be a lot better off if someone more benevolent - like their creator - took the Heavenly Throne.

This indicates that the player can open up a fourth choice for the future of the world. At the end of the day, the Protagonist is given the option to side with Yamato, Ronaldo, Daichi, or talk with the Anguished One if that option is available, which will affect the companions available to him from this point onward.

Tico also contacts the Protagonist, declaring that Nicaea will shut down from this day onward.

The full title of this day changes depending on who the protagonist has sided with. Daichi's is "Coexistence". Yamato's is "Hierarchy".

Ronaldo's is "Equality". The Anguished One's is "Reformation". As arranged, the Protagonist's party does combat with members of factions which they did not side with.

After each battle, the Protagonist can try to convince surviving characters to join his cause. Depending on how high their level of Fate is, they may join him, but Yamato and Ronaldo will not follow if the player has agreed to their opposing cause, or decided to work with the Anguished one, for exception on Daichi's route.

At around , the Protagonist's party spots the 7th Septentrione: Benetnasch. After trying and failing to attack it, Benetnasch demonstrates its Revoke Demons ability, which unsummons all demons, including those held by the party.

Realizing that Benetnasch also has the ability "Pacify Humans" to become immune to all attacks by humans Or those with human form, in The Anguished One's case , the party retreats to discuss a plan to defeat Benetnasch.

Fumi notes that Benetnasch negates the summoning program by emitting a signal that interrupts its function.

While rummaging through JP's archives, an entry on Trumpeter is discovered, where its melody has unusual properties.

The party then devises a plan to unseal Trumpeter and use its melody to block out Benetnasch's Revoke Demons ability.

However, since Trumpeter's waves have a particularly long range, the summoning ability is affected.

The party then has to summon their demons before the summoning app is affected by Trumpeter's melody. This way, Benetnasch cannot unsummon their demons, but they cannot summon any additional demons until Benetnasch is defeated.

After Benetnasch's defeat, the party decides to find the path to Polaris , which is said to open once all the Septentriones are defeated.

At bedtime, Tico reappears in the Protagonist's phone, explaining that only Nicaea's death clip service has terminated, but the navigators are here to stay.

Tico questions the player's plans on using Polaris, before wishing the party the best of luck. With all seven Septentriones defeated, the party seeks a way to Polaris to change the world.

They meet with the Anguished One who, after testing their strength, tells them that Polaris' dimension can be accessed via a Terminal.

On the Anguished One's route, the party instead faces Ronaldo and Joe in an attempt to convince them to join their cause.

While Joe escapes unharmed, Ronaldo refuses to give up his ideals and is killed by the Anguished One in retaliation.

Despite having defeated the Septentriones, human technology is unable to transport the party to Polaris, let alone modify the Terminal to do that.

The Protagonist recalls that the Dragon Stream can potentially accomplish that, and the remnants of it can be found where it was last seen after eating Mizar.

The party finds the Dragon Stream's head still intact at its location. As they ponder over how to transport it to the Terminal, the Dragon awakens from its petrification, demonstrating its ability to eat anything that potentially opposes it.

Despite this, the party attacks and defeats the Dragon to calm it down, and it shrinks to a transportable size by the protagonist willing it to do so.

If you still wanna life, that "demon summoning app" is gonna be a big help! So, what'cha gonna do? Are you giving up on life?

Mail: This text has been sent to members who have already formed a contract with demons. Although the Demon Summoning App allows members to summon contracted demons as allies whenever they like, please be aware that demons you defeat that were summoned through other terminals will not automatically be contracted to you, as they were when you first started the app.

This app contains a few tutorial functions to help you along. Make the most of them! This is what those monsters from the subway were talking about!

Makoto: Very perceptive. Yes, I belong to an organization which answers to the government. Not much further to go. Let's move a little faster.

This is what's under the Diet Building!? This can't be real! Did you see that "JP's" logo there a moment ago?

You were helpless. That excuse would have sufficed in any other situation. But this is no ordinary disaster. No one will resolve it for you while you wait.

Cast aside any such hopes you were harboring. Nothing about your life is guaranteed now. You must think and act for yourselves.

Because if the reason for this disaster is not addressed, there's no tomorrow for us. By going to Osaka, we can actively gather new intel rather than standing idly by.

There may even be a clue there that can lead us closer to the truth behind this calamity. So that's why you wanna go to Osaka. But why us?

I want to reward talented personnel like you with opportunities. Daichi: Dude No way! You're kidding me! That was that Keita guy!

He's gonna die!? So that's how it looked with me? Maybe we can help Keita out of this, too You think maybe it's not too late for him?

Airi: Oh, yeah. Well, you know how there's a shortage of food and medicine already? Well, this guy named Ronaldo Kuriki started accusing JP's of hoarding it He put together a mob and attacked us.

Since then, the whole group's been scattered.. Anguished One: Indeed I created Nicaea to grant a chance at awareness of your fated deaths And I gave you the summoning app as a means to evade them.

But then I hadn't expected that the power I gave you would allow you to defeat even them Yamato: The towers are strategically vital.

We must defend them at any cost. I said to you once that JP's has the burden of protecting Japan from the supernatural.

We of the Hotsuin learned of the Dragon Stream long ago. With the ancient incantations We created a spell that draws on its power to be used in any shape or form we desire.

After the war, it was applied to build these towers to defend against all foreign invasion. The tower focuses the Dragon Stream into a barrier.

It creates a barrier. One that cannot be seen or touched Do you understand now? This is why they target towers, and why we defend them.

Cities that lose their towers are doomed to destruction. It's certain to crumble and perish afterward. Yamato: The chief culprit behind the fall of this world is known as Polaris.

Wh-Who the heck is that!? What's this Polaris got against us that we have to be annihilated!?

So it is attempting to destroy mankind. Those Septentriones are only its pawns! Anguished One: Polaris is Unbeknownst to mankind, there are multiple worlds in existence besides this one.

Polaris' power affects all those worlds, not just the one in which you live. An entity who manages and administrates these countless parallel worlds flawlessly The decree of Polaris from Heaven's Throne decides the fates of all these worlds.

It would be nothing to him. He has absolute authority to intervene in any world. Absolute authority? There's seriously a guy like that!?

Then this stuff about reviving the world How exactly is Yamato going to do that? He can instead delete a world unsuited to his wishes, alter it, and produce a new world.

Anguished One I will tell you this. You have already defeated five of the Septentriones. When the last is no more Anguished One: Polaris will ask for mankind's will as a whole.

He will not grant one man's desire. Yamato: [Protagonist's name], you know that man has never known equality from the moment of his birth.

It's as plain as day. There are countless people in the world, each one of them unique. But one's success should not be granted by lineage or family ties, as it is now.

Individuality must be preserved by a truly skillful man leading the foolish masses! Until now, that was not possible.

Preposterous logic and bizarre mores prevented it. Those were merely foolish ideals of the powerless who fear their own downfall!

As long as such fools remain in power, do you think these wrongs will ever be righted? But with a truly powerful man leading the way, humanity will grow strong and fear nothing!

Ronaldo: I've said it before, but I want to bring world peace through true equality. This world is unfair. Money and power rule, while the weak are oppressed.

Man has abandoned kindness in pursuit of his own gains. It's not normal And Hotsuin's merit system will be one where those lacking in ability are tossed aside.

That's not just. It isn't right. That world can't be allowed to be made real. Humans are all supposed to be equal. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people were more considerate?

If they helped each other out? Yamato Hotsuin is powerful And to tell the truth, I don't think I can beat him alone.

That doesn't matter. I want a world with no poverty or war, where there's a smile on everyone's face! Daichi: We've done so much together And we've come too far to fight each other like this.

With the whole world in ruins, this is what we're spending our time doing!? Now's not the time, man!

It's just too I mean, maybe to things like Polaris, we're just peons But even peons have a right to choose! Not to be bossed around like pawns on a chessboard!

That's why I want to find a different path, instead of fighting over our beliefs There's not much time, but there is some! And I can't give up now!

Please, [Protagonist's name]! I can't do this on my own! Stand by me, please! Anguished One: Hello, Shining One If you wish to create a new world by restoring this world to its unsullied state If that is the course you have chosen, I will lend you my strength.

Straight up, [Protagonist's name], will you let me join you? I've been self-centered until now, but you guys knocked some sense into me.

Shining One, my name is Alcor. The companion star to Mizar, known as the Lifespan Star Anguished One: If you ask Polaris to restore the world, your past and present data will conflict.

If you are too weak to retain your memories, the world will fall to the same mistakes. You understand the risk, correct? We just have to hang onto our memories, right?

We won't let this happen again! Daichi: Oh Now we're really, truly free We did it! We totally did it! Oh, but Now what are we supposed to do?

We can take the Terminal back, but the world's still ruined, and I don't know who to ask It's not like we're under anyone's control anymore!

We're the ones who decide what happens next! All of it! No one knows how things will turn out.

So we gotta decide for ourselves. Polaris: To think your childish delusions could truly defeat me You fools The world will have a new administrator.

This is not man's world Much will be lost if you go down man's path! I am different

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