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Jean-Michel Jarre, eigentlich Jean-Michel André Jarre, ist ein französischer Musiker, Komponist und Musikproduzent. Unter dem Einfluss von Pierre Schaeffer entstanden ab Anfang der er Jahre Kompositionen für den Synthesizer, die als. Jean-Michel Jarre [ʒɑ̃ miˈʃɛl ʒaʀ] (* August in Lyon), eigentlich Jean​-Michel André Jarre, ist ein französischer Musiker, Komponist und. Kategorie:Jean-Michel-Jarre-Album. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Information icon4 Dies. Im Jean Michel Jarre-Shop bei finden Sie alles von Jean Michel Jarre (CDs, MP3, Vinyl, etc.) sowie weitere Produkte von und mit Jean Michel Jarre. Jean-Michel Jarre wird gerne "Godfather of Electronic Music" genannt. Er gehört zu den großen Elektronikern der er Jahre, die mit ihren.

jean michel jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre [ʒɑ̃ miˈʃɛl ʒaʀ] (* August in Lyon), eigentlich Jean​-Michel André Jarre, ist ein französischer Musiker, Komponist und. Planet Jarre: Jean-Michel Jarre, Ying: Musique. Jean-Michel Jarre, eigentlich Jean-Michel André Jarre, ist ein französischer Musiker, Komponist und Musikproduzent. Unter dem Einfluss von Pierre Schaeffer entstanden ab Anfang der er Jahre Kompositionen für den Synthesizer, die als. jean michel jarre

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Erreichen Sie mehr als Millionen Käufer. A Scully eight-track recorder was used to record instruments like the Eminent with an Electro-Harmonix Small Stone phaser on its string pads and the Korg Minipops drum machine.

Liberal use of echo was used on the various sound effects generated by the VCS3 synthesiser. He is quite exceptional and we're sure that by he will be recognised worldwide.

Its digital technology allowed him to continue his earlier sonic experimentation in new ways. The album's release coincided with Jarre's first foreign tour.

The Republic invited Jarre to become the first western musician to play there, with Les Concerts en Chine. Chinese officials solved the problem by temporarily cutting power to the surrounding districts.

At the second venue, Shanghai, Jarre encouraged audience participation by stepping into the crowd, which became much more exuberant than that in Beijing.

Zoolook features snippets of words and speech from languages across the globe. A long list of musicians, including Adrian Belew and Marcus Miller , also made significant contributions.

I've always been involved in ethnic music, though I thought the way a lot of people have been using ethnic music was a little superficial.

Sometimes it works, like the Brian Eno stuff, it worked the first time, but for me what was more interesting was not making a particular statement about recording in Africa or in China, but taking some sounds and having exactly the same attitude as when you were in front of a Moog 55 or a modular system, replacing the oscillators with a bank of actors or people, treating them through the Fairlight or the EMS synth, and establishing an orchestration using only voices.

In , Jarre was invited by the musical director of the Houston Grand Opera to perform a concert celebrating Texas 's th anniversary on 5 April Although he was busy with other projects and was at first unimpressed by the proposal, on a later visit to the city, he was immediately impressed by the visual grandeur of the city's skyline and agreed to perform.

Also, marked the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Lyndon B. Consideration was given to the cancellation of the concert; but McCandless contacted Jarre and urged him to proceed, in memory of the shuttle's crew.

I remember just before take-off, Ron calling me in Paris saying "Everything's ready, see you in a week's time, watch me on television for the take-off" I will really, keep always, the bit of Ron's smile and Ron's face in my heart.

The display was so impressive that a nearby freeway was blocked by passing vehicles, forcing the authorities to close it for the duration of the concert.

In Jarre released Revolutions. The album spans several genres, including symphonic industrial, Arabian inspired, light guitar pop and ethnic electro jazz.

Early in Jarre met with local officials and members of the community, [46] but Newham Borough Council expressed their fears about the event's safety and delayed their decision on whether to allow the concert to proceed until 12 September [45] eventually rejecting the licence application.

The local fire service were also concerned about access in the event of a fire. Site work continued as Jarre's team searched for alternative locations in which to stage the concert, but following improvements to both on and off-site safety Jarre eventually won conditional approval on 28 September to stage two separate performances, on 8 and 9 October.

The floating stage on which Jarre and his musicians performed was built on top of four large barges. Large purpose-built display screens were built, and one of the buildings to be used as a backdrop was painted white.

One large mirror ball being transported to the event fell onto the roadside, causing a degree of confusion as some people mistook it for a fallen satellite.

World War II searchlights were installed, to illuminate the sky and surrounding architecture.

Inclement weather had threatened to break the stage from its moorings, putting paid to the original plan to float the stage across the Royal Victoria Dock.

Wind speeds were so high that television cameras were blown over. On the second evening the audience, which included Diana, Princess of Wales , [44] was soaked by rain and wind.

However, with only weeks to go, important equipment had not arrived and the sinking in the Atlantic Ocean of a cargo ship containing the purpose-built pyramidal stage and other technical and financial problems made staging the concert impossible.

Jarre's disappointment was such that he "could not cope with Mexican food for two years". About two years later he released Chronologie , an album influenced by the techno-music scene.

In a sense, Chronologie is a kind of mixture between the sounds of the '70s and the sounds of the '90s.

Jarre was invited to the inaugural celebrations of the Palace of the Lost City, a hotel located within the Sun City resort in South Africa.

Three concerts were held on 1, 2 and 3 December Each concert was attended by 15, people. These were on a smaller scale than his previous concerts, featuring a miniature skyline, laser imaging and fireworks.

The Eiffel Tower was specially lit for the occasion, prompting the installation of a more permanent display.

The excitement of being able to work on sounds in a tactile, manual, almost sensual way is what drew me to electronic music in the first place The lack of limitations is very dangerous.

It is like the difference for a painter of getting four tubes with four main colours or being in front of a computer with two million colours.

You have to scan the two million colours and when you arrive to the last one you have obviously forgotten the first one.

In the Eighties we became archivists and everything became rather cold as a result. In September that year he set his fourth record for the largest-ever outdoor-concert audience with a performance at the Moscow State University , celebrating the th anniversary of Moscow.

The event was viewed by an audience of about 3. Sound effects used include radio interference from mobile phones, and Macintalk, a Macintosh program used to generate lyrics on the track "Love, Love, Love".

I had to go somewhere completely different. Metamorphoses is like a blank page for me, a new beginning.

The same year he composed, with Francis Rimbert arrangements, the music for the short-lived French channel Match TV, and contributed music to the soundtrack of the film Who wants to be a Star.

In he released Sessions , a set of experimental synth-jazz pieces distinct from his previous work. Sessions was well received by Billboard Magazine , which said "He's created a deeply nuanced soundscape that invites repeated listening.

Room' nightclub in France. It contains a mix of 'electro-chill' music, with touches of his more traditional style.

Jarre gave two performances, the first at the Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City , and the second in Tiananmen Square.

Jarre collaborated with musician Chen Lin. Purportedly the world's first album released for 5.

Accompanying the audio, the DVD features a visual image of Anne Parillaud 's eyes, recorded in real time as she listened to the album.

A free event, it was attended by about 25, people. Images of water and the environment were projected onto nine vertical screens, held in place by sand which was watered to keep it hard.

Several permanent drinking fountains were built on the site, along with a permanent electricity installation. The album is supposed to describe the different stages of a loving relationship, and explores the idea that the length of such relationships is unpredictable.

Its release demonstrated a move away from virtual instruments and computers that Jarre had been using up to that point; he instead chose to use a simplified range of devices, including several new prototype instruments.

The album's cover was inspired by the David Lynch film Wild at Heart. A first for Jarre, the album was recorded live, without tape or hard disk playback, with help from Francis Rimbert , Claude Samard and Dominique Perrier.

The album also contains three extra tracks Variation Part 1, 2 and 3, respectively not found on either the original or remake, which form links between the main movements.

There are one or two exceptions but 95 percent of the instruments are of that time. For me it was really important for the radicalism of the process.

Following one such performance at the Royal Albert Hall Jarre met Brian May , who proposed he create a concert in Tenerife for the International Year of Astronomy , [71] but a lack of sponsorship meant that the concert did not take place.

In he was selected as the artistic director of the World Sky Race , [73] and also accepted a role as Goodwill Ambassador for the International Year of Astronomy.

This was the last Jarre work to be released by Disques Dreyfus. The Essentials disc is a compilation of some of his most famous works.

After this release, Jarre recovered sole intellectual property rights over his work, which had previously been owned by Francis Dreyfus Music.

On 1 July , Jarre performed a large-scale concert in Monaco to celebrate the marriage of Prince Albert and his bride Charlene. During the last quarter of he concluded a tour schedule that had lasted for almost 3 years.

He used the same format for a later concert at Carthage during the city's musical festival. In Spring , Jarre released the first music from a new studio album, released in October , following around four years of work.

The first of these to be released was the collaboration with Gesaffelstein entitled Conquistador , followed by Glory , with M The track was also featured as part of the soundtrack of a short film entitled EMIC.

One track 8 "Exit" includes speech by Edward Snowden. On 11 April , it was revealed that Jarre worked in collaboration with British virtual band Gorillaz on their fifth studio album Humanz.

In , he performed a concert near the fortress of Masada , for the purpose of saving the Dead Sea. This concert was called "The Green Concert", and involved laser projections on the skyscrapers of the financial center of Riyadh.

In September , a studio compilation album entitled Planet Jarre — 50 Years of Music , consisting of forty-one songs in "four quite different styles of composition", was released.

Jarre started a promotional tour for his book. He has been married four times. Together they have a son, David.

Jarre and Rampling separated in [] [] and divorced in

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Jean-Michel Jarre & Sutu for TheWave VR Q&A Zhivago, among many more info. SXSW Schedule Electronic Artists by pappabear. EUR 6,00 Film fences. Favorite Artists by eclipse However, with only weeks to go, important equipment had not arrived and the sinking in the Atlantic Ocean of a cargo ship containing the purpose-built pyramidal stage and other technical and financial problems more info staging the concert impossible. London Click the following article Revolutions. Mehr Informationen dazu finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Technoides, Atmosphärisches und ein Köpper in die Zuckerwatte. Den Soundtrack zum Hochzeitsfest sowie das obligatorische Licht- und Feuergeballer liefert der französische Elektroniker. Santiago de Chile März nachgeholt. DE 17 5 Wo. Book Depository Bücher mit kostenfreier Lieferung weltweit. Februar Top-Alben Alle Alben anzeigen. Die für in Lateinamerika geplanten Auftritte in Chile und Argentinien wurden wegen Unstimmigkeiten mit dem Https:// abgesagt. AT 60 1 Wo. Angekündigt [25]. UK 21 1 Wo. Calypso En attendant Cousteau. März

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Pink Floyd. Teil des 1. UK 14 Gold 29 Wo. Leserwertung: 3 Punkt Redaktionswertung: 4 Punkte.

Je me souviens von Jean-Michel Jarre auf Metamorphoses. Rely on Me. Oxygene, Pt. Orient Express Live. Magnetic Fields, Pt.

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Amazon Warehouse Reduzierte B-Ware. Amazon Business Kauf auf Rechnung. Part 17 was the most cohesive 'song', and there's a couple of other short bits where it was pleasant, but I just don't like Oxygene III.

I listened to it intently twice after it was released but then gave up trying to like it. I listened to the whole thing again while writing this review, and found that I still feel the same about it.

And I still don't know why there's the sound of a camp fire at the end. Best album post "Equinoxe Infinity" - After so many years pretty much lost aspiring to be an EDM producer rather than the musical genius and legend he is often considered to be, JMJ managed to come up with some surprisingly cohesive if not shaky ideas for "Equinoxe Infinity".

It suggests that if JMJ can stop TRYING to make an album that is relevant, and instead goes deep down to the subterranean river of music that flows through his essence, he may just rediscover the source of his mojo after the long absence of cohesive, interesting or uniquely Jarresque ideas.

There's immense potential on this album, and my fingers are crossed that he continues to follow this road.

At least Equinoxe Infinity restores hope that he's still got It's promising. Avoid Jarre's last 30 years! He has never made anything acceptable during that period, but emptiness and kitch.

Jean-Michel Jarre are the international french legende of electronique music i try to collect the maximum of collector and signed copy thanks Mr.

Reply Notify me Helpful. Where is "Jarre in China"???? DVD from ColonelTirpitz April 24, Report. What can i say about Jean-Michel Jarre?

Well he's a great artist that surpas many styles. But his early works are still the best don't know what happen with his music today i don't feel the same enjoyment anymore like Zoolook, Oxygene, Rendez-Vous, Chronologie, etc Today he seem to have changed his genre to be in the paths of the so called evolution but to me he lost it at some way don't get me wrong i respect Jean-Michel Jarre as his father that has also made great music.

Alot of his newer work has a feel that he's bored or became too mature "old" in making such music. Anyway he's a 'pioneer' of the electronic genre yes but surely not the grand father , he's the father thats more accurate.

Reply Notify me 4 Helpful. Nutti March 26, Report. When I think of Jarre, I notice that he made his first 10 albums using analog synthesizers with the traditional mixing desk, tape recorder, effect box approach.

These albums were done in the 70's, 80's and 90's, see below. Deserted palace Oxygene Equinoxe Magnetic fields Zoolook Rendez-vous Revolutions Waiting for cousteau Chronologie Oxygene 2 After three decades in the analog world he had to reinvent himself and the logical way was to go digital and use the DAW with digital effects and digital synthesizers occasionally complementing that with his signature analog sounds.

First he made a shocking record Metamorphoses that was wholly different from the traditional Jarre sound.

He perfectly captured the digital world and out-did everyone else in a single stroke - atleast in my opinion.

After that he released a couple of experimental digital albums, Sessions jazz album and Geometry of Love chill-out album.

These albums were done in the 00's and 10's. He started analog and then went digital and tried to capture both sides of the synthesizer and the accompanying technology that is needed to produce the music.

You can also see how the albums are related to the technology that came to be during each decade and how later he tried to follow the times stylistically and not get stuck to his past.

I think Jarre has succeeded outstandingly and I hope he will yet release a couple more albums - perhaps during the 20's - and that would be his sixth decade as a recording artist.

B October 24, Report. For me - he is Elvis Presley of the 80's. In my childhood I remember that I was going to school and hum melodies from his tracks.

If You don't agree You don't know the history of the electronic music. Mindless debates about the "pioneers" Please guys, stop it!

Timewise and meaningwise Jarre had one of the greatest contribution to it all even if there were electronic music before unlike the Stockhausens who never made anything "musical" but ad-hoc, random-like chaotic effects what I wouldn't call music.

I do remember those times very well Kraftwerk, T. Dream, Vangelis is a different question. They were also the few ones who paved the road.

I'd vote Oxygene as one of the biggest creature of the mankind. I know what it takes to ignore it, I know the nowadays don't really accept the "truth" what is mirrored by the philosophy, the art, the music.

Even if you can't accept it, even if you think other way, Oxygene comprises this "truth" about the being!!!! OK, if you deny it, say it's OK if you don't like it but please think about it: you are a great lier for yourself on the first place.

I proclaim! Reply Notify me 6 Helpful. Come on, you guys Why would you lie about something as beautiful as music?? And please, don't you mess with Kraftwerk, because they paved the way for ALL of the dance music genres and styles we know nowadays, like hip-hop, electro, house, techno, synth-pop, trance, you name it.

Can JMJ make such a claim?? Not in a million years. It makes no sense at all Crijevo April 18, Report. Jarre is undoubtedly the pioneer, because he understands and demonstrates the power of electronics on every level.

However, does that make him an "electronic" pioneer? Exploring, playing and obsessively demonstrating what electronics can do - whether by themselves or in combination with real instruments - and despite the unquestionable creative and of course, anthology value of albums like "Oxygene" or "Equinoxe", his music is mostly and sadly secondary.

Because, Jarre is more interested in populism - and that is why his music suffers a great deal, due to plain and simple ambition, or even more so - ego.

Of course, when saying "ego", it is not necessarily a bad thing, but the kitsch aspect definitely and sadly does compromise most of his catalogue.

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Hong Kong: Jarre, Jean-Michel: Musique. Planet Jarre: Jean-Michel Jarre, Ying: Musique. jean michel jarre - oxygene.

ADAM F. GOLDBERG September 2011, archiviert vom Original James Jean michel jarre ("Rom", read article Following").

Go sei du selbst Erster Eintrag im Guinness-Buch. Das Konzert wurde ab dem Natürlich sind auch seine - click at this page gemasterten - bekannten Nummern zu hören. Erstveröffentlichung: 2. CH 24 14 Wo. Https:// diesem Anlass war dort ein Konzert vorgesehen, für das Jarre Stücke komponiert hatte. Das Publikum feiert dies frenetisch.
Big mouth Read more of Love Jarre,Jean-Michel. This web page zum Seitenanfang. Schon zum US 8 Wo. Shopbop Designer Modemarken. Der Start der Challenger am Der chinesischen Regierung ist das jedoch egal, denn die lädt ihn als ersten westlichen Musiker der Post Mao-Ära ins Reich der Mitte ein, um dort aufzutreten.
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UK 11 6 Wo. Datum Video, Laserdisc [22]. Zwei Jahre später widmet er sich seinem er-Album "Equinoxe". Die er Jahre brachten die einzigen beiden europaweiten Tourneen Jarres. Jahrhunderts - wie sie ihm in Filmen wie Stanley Kubricks just click for source - Odyssee im Blood and bone begegnet sind. Shopbop Congratulate, yonder deutsch excellent Modemarken. Sein erstes Live-Konzert am Das Album, das kein kommerzieller Erfolg war, sorgte in Internetforen für hitzige Diskussionen, da einige der verwendeten Patterns als Presets aus einem Sequenzer von Roland stammten. Januar

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